Tayari Jones, "LaKeisha and the Dirty Girl"

A girl who collects books loses one. Then she sees a similar looking book in the hands of a Dirty Girl.

(From McSweeney’s 28)

LaKeisha accuses the Dirty Girl of being a thief and has her dragged away by a cop. Turns out it’s a different book. Wah-wah. As with the rest of the little books in this collection, this is supposed to be a fable, but of course it lacks the part where the jerk learns a lesson. I think it’s best to pick one of these up every once in awhile, when I want a quick one.

Here’s Tayari Jones site.

One thought on “Tayari Jones, "LaKeisha and the Dirty Girl"

  1. Anonymous

    I think the “jerk” is supposed to be us, the readers (or some of us, not all)…what I get from the story is that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. And, LaKeisha is the dirty one.


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