Teet Kallas, "Back to the Rocks"

The new doctor figures it’s time Mats left the sanitarium.

(from Stories from the New Europe)

I’m not sure why the young doctor came to that idea, but I guess he was right because now ol’ Mats can return to his dilapidated shack full of rabbit poop. But hey, there are plenty of rocks to sculpt. Interesting story, but damn if I get it.
Well, there wasn’t even a competition up until this point, but we have a new frontrunner in the Battle of the Most Unfortunately Named Author. Teet Kallas. I mean really. Mr. Kallas is from Estonia.

* * *

Look, John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats, my favorite songwriter, wrote a poem.
While I’m puttin up links, here‘s a recent cover story I did for Philadelphia City Paper.

Mirah, “Cold Cold Water”

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