Ali Imam Naqvi, "The Vultures of the Parsi Cemetery"

Unsettling times at the cemetery, when the vultures they rely on to devour the corpses fail to show up.

(From An Epic Unwritten)

What a crazy, dark story. It’s grim and gross, but also kinda edgy and funny. The two main characters — whose job it is to put the bodies where the vultures can find them — are recognizeable Rosencrantzy/Estragon types. They do their grotesque jobs, they contemplate death (however shallowly), they scratch their heads. We, the readers, are unbelittled by their existences. We are them. The author’s choice to repeat a small passage was excellent. The second time around we are much better prepared for the situation. Hormoz and Pheroze, of course, are not.
I wish I had a link to the story for you. Couldn’t find it online. This collection was translated from the Urdu by Muhammad Umar Memon. I found the book at the Book Trader in Philadelphia.

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