Miranda July, "The Shared Patio"

She likes the epileptic neighbor with whom she shares the back patio.

(from Zoetrope All-Story, Winter 2005)

He is in love with me but he doesn’t know it. It still counts even though it happened when he was unconscious. It counts doubly because the conscious mind often makes mistakes, falls for the wrong person. But down there in the well, where there is no light and only thousand-year-old water, a man has no reason to make mistakes.

Oh man, I love this story. You know why? Say it with me: Unreliable narrator! Yeah. I mean, I think she is telling the truth the whole time, the truth as she understands it, but her unreliability isn’t so much in her telling, it’s her doing. It’s like, uh, you’re not behaving as you should in important situations. You cannot be counted on. You’re weird and that’s wonderful that the author has chosen you as our storyteller.
Here‘s a link to the story so read it.
No I didn’t see Me You and Everyone We Know.
I was going to read a JT Leroy story, because of all the articles going around. I bought The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things from the Book Trader last week.
I even went so far as to download some Thistle music. Then I got bored of the whole mess.

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