Nicole Sonsini, "Myspace or Yours"

The web is a fine way to meet people, but do you want meet them for reals?

(from Philadelphia City Paper, Jan. 5, 2005)

I was in on the early stages of the judging for CP’s annual fiction contest — basically helping to remove the worst stories from contention — and this one struck me from the get-go as a remarkable, entertaining, sharp piece of action. The rules called for a max word count of 1,000 and the setting had to be Philly. These are restricting paramaters, but Sonsini made it look easy with a spritely pace and an authentic, detail-oriented feel. On top of that, it’s hip and insightful in a way that gets you where you want to be got. Earlier tonight I saw Sonsini, and the other contest winners, read their works. She nailed the reading, too.
Read it here.

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