Roy Kesey, "Asunción"

A man takes in his wounded would-be mugger.

(from McSweeney’s #15)

This story was told from the perspective of a guy with the same hazy, tricksy feel of an unreliable narrator (I Read A Short Story Today hearts such things), but there’s a kinda of twist on it here. He’s maybe more just stupid, or arranged with a different set of priorities than your average square. He’s reliable in that everything he says and describes seems matter-of-fact and beyond doubt. But he’s got that old time delusion.
So. This is a funny story. Unpredictable, but not in a pull-the-rug way. You know it’s gonna be askew early on. Sharply written and satisfied, this is the kind of eloquent joke you here at readings. Makes people smile easygoing. Vanilla Stolis and cokes and charming ribaldry all around.

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