?, “The Safe Man”

A not-so-routine safecracking job leads Brian Holloway into a series of nonfortunate events.

(from The Secret Society of Demolition Writers)

A fun little story. Some of the language is a little clunky, and you can see the plot unfolding like a Transformer well before things start happening. But it’s appropriately spooky and angsty. I like issues of doubt and confusion that spring up just as the couple are on the verge of having their first couple. This is where the story strays from convention and leads the reader to care for the characters, long after that seemed improbable. I also liked the very brief moment when you the reader started to doubt Brian’s story like everybody else.
It should be noted that the clunkiness may be this writer’s attempt at Michael Crichton/Tom Clancy-action-suspense, where plain language and straightforward dialogue keeps the reader’s mind on the plot.

I read this in Shelly’s car on the way to Nethers, Virginia, and wrote it up there. The date on which this appears to be posted is a lie, a trick of the trade. But that is the day I read the story, so, you know.

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